Totally Naked Automotive
Barebones Automotive Parts

Totally Naked Automotive (TnA) was formed in 2011 in order to meet a market need for basic automotive customizing parts for the home do-it-yourself builder. We supply many different types of products from simple add-ons to full chassis kits.

TnA initially purchased the rights to the "Twizted Engineering" product line, and is expanding further from that point. These products have been proven in the off-road industry over and over, and share the same concept as that of TnA's own product line.

TnA's main designer and founder, Darren Castine, has a 5 year degree in ElectroMechanical Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA, and has had many years of off-road parts, suspension, and chassis design experience. He has also worked many years as an installer at a major off-road shop which gives him a unique perspective as to how to design installer-friendly yet functional and strong components.